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歴史を学ぶ価値とは何か。人文科学と大学そのものの存在意義は、3. 11 の震災以後さらに厳しく問わることでしょう。論文やブログ、そして今後は講義や雑誌への寄稿など、チャネルを限定せずに人文科学が今はたすべき社会的責任を探求してゆくのが、歴史研究者としての僕の課題です。このサイトが何かのきっかけになりますように。 山本浩司

If i were an antiquarian, I would have eyes only for old stuff, but I am a historian.Therefore, I love life. … For here, in the present, is immediately perceptible that vibrance of human life which only a great effort of the imagination can restore to the old texts. —– Mark Bloch

The Arts and Sciences … should always be employ’d in Enquries that
may tend to the general Advantage; and they must lose the name of
Liberal, when the Professors of them seclude themselves from Society;
or live in it, without applying their Abilities to the Service of it.
For it is by the joint Force of Men of different Talents, that useful
Purposes are best accomplish’d. ——Richard Steele


Welcome to the website of Koji Yamamoto!!
I am a historian of early modern Europe. Having grown up with a father who worked as a supplier to Nissan factories, I have been fascinated by the dynamics between distinct cultural settings and local economic experience. My interest has grown since I read history at York, and found that European economy before its industrial ‘take-off’ operated with peculiar concerns about public consequences of private businesses. Facing the global economic downturn, we remain concerned with social responsibilities of businesses. Yet we have not yet reflected upon our experience of economic downturn from robust historical perspectives. Accordingly, my ambition has been to develop historical enquiries that matter to us, and to disseminate historical insights through innovative teaching, research, and ‘out rearch’ pieces for the wider public.

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