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No one should miss the chance to shine?

I have received an email appeal from the Chancellor of the University of York. The article read:  “Meet Sabrina and Scott: who were helped by a generous gift to support talented students.”

As you see in the link below, instead of demanding equal access to education based solely on one’s merit and potential, some students are having to appeal for funds from those who can afford to pay for them. Education is becoming a grant by grace.

In early modern parlance, a grant ‘by grace’ was a form of patronage, a liberal bounty, whereby monarch is not obliged by law or custom, but might nevertheless accept requests at his discretion. The current government is turning higher education into this ancient form of patronage.

“No one should miss the chance to shine”, reads the email. Yes, I agree. But in order to shine, do some of us need to appeal for ‘grace’ of richer sorts of people?

Is this the kind of society you want?


Meet Sabrina and Scott   http://www.yorkspace.net/page.aspx?pid=978+&erid=293791&trid=15c8c283-3fcc-4dc5-8743-eb2b237e8e54